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In this video clip Billy & Jezza go head to head in a harsh paintball fine obstacle! ► Don’t neglect to SUBSCRIBE: ► CHECK OUT OUR CLOTHING RANGE! ► SUBSCRIBE TO F2FC! ► GET THE FIRST EVER F2 BOOK! ► GET OUR # 1 BEST SELLING BOOK! ► GET OUR FIRST EVER GRAPHIC NOVEL! ► GET F2 WORLD CLASS! DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL OUR BOOK APP FOR FREE. ► The F2 App on Apple/iOS – ► The F2 App on Android – To maintain to day with us at any moment anywhere after that follow us on;. Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – Snapchat – Remain tuned by signing up for our network to see every one of the impressive video clips turning up in the future! Love, tranquility & tekkers! Billy & Jezza

In this video clip Billy & Jezza go head to head in a ruthless paintball fine obstacle! Remain tuned by subscribing to our network to see all of the fantastic video clips coming up in the close to future! Love, tranquility & tekkers!


  1. YES GUYS! This has to be our most SAVAGE video yet! Make sure to get this video to 250,000 LIKES to see us do this topless!😱 love, peace & tekkers! Billy & Jezza!

    1. The goalie did I believe in like the first 20 seconds. I happened to notice. Not sure if he did or not

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