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Incredible World Cup PSP Paintball Mix from PbNation Inspect…

Incredible World Cup P SP Paintball Mix from PbNation Inspect out some of the slickest cheats, finest shelter relocations and also coolest outbreaks from the 2012 Paintball World Cup. Not to discuss a complete on disaster from a receptacle jam. Do not fail to remember to LIKE as well as SUBSCRIBE! Recorded by Arthur Dolzhansky and also modified by Nick Cucuzza of DerDer.

14 Replies to “Incredible World Cup PSP Paintball Mix from PbNation Inspect…”

  1. I wonder why this nation..USA has so much fascination for games that have roots in violence? Imagine this paintball shooting game was invented in 1981? Really guys…..grow up.
    Do not promote any games that involves shooting.

  2. Anyone of you guys know about Jesus Larralde’s paintball 27th Birthday crew finals? Please let me know i cant seem to find it. Thanks guys.

  3. Is there a version of this game where players have limted ammo? I think it would be thrilling to watch that…

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